"...amateur boxing circles will lose one of the most colorful and successful Simon-pures ever to don the mitts..."


Billy fought only 2 amateur fights in 1940.  With the Olympics canceled, he announced his plans to join the pro ranks.  His first professional fight was originally scheduled for January 31, 1940.  

His fight with Paul Jackson in January was to be his last as an amateur.  However, when his pro debut was rescheduled by one week, he quickly took the opportunity to schedule a rematch against the 1 person who still held a decision over him.


40card1.jpg (81199 bytes)

40card2.jpg (67494 bytes)

Billy's 1940 A.A.U. Registration Card



Boxing fans for all sections of the Lehigh Valley and especially from the anthracite belt are coming to Mealey's auditorium a Monday evening to see national bantamweight champion Billy Speary, box Paul Jackson of Reading. It rates to be an outstanding amateur contest and what adds to the interests is the fact that this will be Speary's last amateur contest.

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Speary-Jackson Bout Tops Amateur Card

National AAU Champion will Turn "Pro" After Bout Here Tonight.

Champion Speary is the exception to the tournament entrees. The great little Nanticoke fighting machine will announce his entry into the professional ranks after tonight bouts.
In deserting the ranks of the Simon Pures, Billy is simply making a decision which will mean money for him. Such professional boxing promoters as Mike Jacobs of New York, Muggsy Taylor of Philadelphia, Nate Lewis of Chicago, as well as western promoters, predict that Speary will earn an independent fortune within two years. They are not forgetting that mean while they too will be benefited. As an amateur, Speary has packed arenas from coast to coast. One of the most colorful ringmen that ever drew on a glove, he is certain to do the same thing as a professional.

Billy Speary Punches out Easy Decision over Paul Jackson in Amateur Feature before Big House

Making what in all probability will be his final appearance as in amateur boxer, Billy Speary, of Nanticoke, national A.A.U. bantamweight champion, last night punched out in easy three round decision over Pauley Jackson, of Reading in the feature bout of a bangup amateur card last night in Mealey's. The bouts attracted one of the largest crowds ever to witness amateur indoor bouts here.

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Bill Speary Determined to Erase Decision Held over Him before Going Professional

Bantamweight Champ Meets Conqueror at Mealey's Monday


Bill Speary-Samuels Bout Here Tonight Tops Off Amateur Card

Biggest Crowd of Indoor Season Expected to Witness Bang up Program at Mealey's

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Speary Bout to Top Great Card

Number of New Faces on Amateur Fistic Program at Mealey's Monday Night


Billy Speary Wins Decision over Hubert Samuels in Feature Bout of Amateur Fight Card

Farewell Appearances as an Amateur Boxer

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... the lights over the ring at Mealey's went out just before the Billy Speary-Hubert Samuels wind up bout last night, and later in the evening Hubert wished they had stayed out...


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