Commissioner Jones Will Pick Official For Near Title Bout at 8 P. M. Tomorrow Night

With the arrival of world's featherweight champion, Harry Jeffra last night, and "Billy" Speary of Nanticoke reported in the "pink," promoters Al Dewey and Pete Moran are getting the the 109th drillshed prepared to entertain one of the biggest crowds tomorrow night that has attended a boxing show here in recent years.

It was estimated by Al Dewey today that more than 7000 fans will see the near-title fight with hundreds coming to Wilkes-Barre from all sections of the state. The Armory, Dewey said will have more than 8500 seats available.

Jeffra came to Wilkes-Barre with trainer, Heinie Blaustein, of Baltimore, and took over quarters at the Sterling Hotel. Max Waxman, manager of Jeffra will arrive here tonight. The world's champ said he's in great condition and after light road work today he will be ready for the bell. Jeffra said:

Champ Is Confident

"Two weeks of strenuous training has put me in fine condition for my bout with Speary. In fact, I never felt better and am confident that I will win. I'm not making any predictions on a knockout, but I plan to put up an aggressive battle and if I can win inside the limit it will suit me better. I'm not underrating Speary, but I've met tougher fighters and I'm still the champion. My opponent will know as soon as the bell rings that he has a fight on his hands."

Speary Arrives Tomorrow

Speary, who has been working out in the Red Rock mountains under the watchful eye of Art Thomas was never in better physical condition. He has been training for almost a week with Billy Roach, of Wilmington, and Joe Kelly, of Nanticoke, and also a young York State boxer whose name has not been revealed. Speary will break camp tomorrow morning and come here by auto to weigh in before the state ring solons. He says he will tip the beam at the heaviest he has carried in years. He will weigh 127 1/2 to 128. In his last three matches he weighed 124 pounds. Speary is confident that he will win. He said:

"I have everything to gain and nothing to lose, and I'll fight Jeffra the same way I fought Archibald. I'm confident I can box as good as the champion and I'll match my best punch against his best. The hometown fans will not be disappointed with my showing."

3 Referees Assigned

Three referees have been assigned to work at the Armory show. This announcement comes from Commissioner George Jones of Williamsport, who will have two local referees in the first four bouts. The identity of these officials has not been revealed an Jones stated that he will not name the referee for the wind up bout until he reaches the Armory tomorrow night. There has been considerable speculation on the official for the main event, due to the previous announcement that Benny Leonard, ex-world's lightweight champ might draw the assignment. It is not known whether Leonard will be selected or whether the job will be given to a Wilkes-Barre, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton referee or Leo Houck, of Penn State College.

Good Undershow

The Jeffra-Speary bout is the drawing magnet, but the died in the wool fans also praise the under-card, which features four 6-round bouts, and all promise old-fashioned slugfests. In the opening bout, George Relly of Wilkes-Barre will toe the scratch with Patsey Defoe of Freeland. The second doubt will bring together Joe Kelly of Nanticoke and Young Dinifrio of Hazelton, and the third battle will be a 5-star feature, with Patsy Gall of Freeland pairing off with Willie Roach of Wilmington, who is referred to as the "Joe Louis" of featherweights. The semi-windup is a rematch between Johnny Forte of Philadelphia and Paul Jackson of Reading.





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