Former National Amateur Champion Gains Decision Over Minersville Lad

Bill Speary, Nanticoke, who was national amateur champion on three occasions, punched out a decision over Billy Davis, Minersville, in eight rounds before some 5000 fight fans at the Allentown Fair Grounds Monday evening.

In two fights as amateurs, these boys swapped plenty of leather,with Davis winning on one occasion and Speary on the other. In fact, in the first meeting, Davis managed to floor the experienced Speary. The decision in favor of Speary was unanimous.

The first bout of the evening, good for six rounds, saw Joe Donofrio, Freeland, scored knockout over Al Maitz, Limeport, in the third round. Donofrio sent plenty of leather Maitz's general direction and the Limeport battler absorbed at all.

Put on Good Show

It remained for two of the preliminary boys, Rocky Luciano, Harrisburg, and Frank Bluis, Pottsville, to put on the best show the evening. Time and again these boys had the fans on their feet as they mixed things in the center the ring. Luciano was given the decision.

The "clown" bout of the evening took place between George Costelac, Harrisburg, and Phil Johnson, of Bayonne, N. J., with the latter counting a knockout in the fifth round. Johnson, who substituted for Art Rettberg, Batesville, N. J., knocked down the 226 pounds Costelac on no less than five occasions.

Another bout which provided plenty of thrills in the way of leather swinging with the Patsy Gall-Young Armstrong battle. Gall and Armstrong really whanged away at each other for all they were worth, with Gall winning the decision.






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