Hamilton's Joltin' Boy Is Tough Enough for the Best to Them



What the whosit they have been feeding Jackie Callura 'way down yonder in New Orleans we don't know, but whatever it is, he's giving first-class imitations of a howling Comanche who has been stung by six rattlesnakes. Last night Hamilton's joltin' boy moved over to Providence, Rhode Island, and all but "killed" the featherweight champion of them thar parts, Larry Bolvin, in a 10-rounder. Jackie didn't knock this Bolvin out but chances are Bolvin is sorry he didn't stay down on one of his many visits to the canvas. Bolvin spent most of heat going down and getting up. Six times he hit the deck and each time took the limit.

We don't know what promoter Jackie Allen's immediate plans are, but if he doesn't put the sleeve on Jackie Callura for the winner of Monday night's main go at Maple Leaf Garden between Billy Speary and Harry Jeffra he's missing a beautiful bet. The way Callura is knocking them down south of the border he would be a tough 'un for anybody in the 126-pound class.

Jackie has never been given the credit due him in our fight circles. It must be remembered he just missed snatching the Canadian featherweight crown from Dave Castilloux a few years back when the fancy Frenchman was at his fanciest. There were many in the Montreal arena that night who thought Callura took it all. And if Castilloux was slightly top-heavy for the feather division Callura was more bantam than feather.

Drew with Pace

Since then Jackie drew here with Georgie Pace after having the Cleveland Cleaver all but out with one punch. Beside which he knocked out New Orleans' pride, Jimmy Perrin; whipped Guy Serrean twice and Nick Camarata once and stopped Frankie Garcia.

Allen is after the services of Jackie Wilson, N.B.A. chompeen, for the Jeffra-Speary winner, but personally we'd rather see Callura in against Jeffra or Speary. Or both.

Speary steamed in last night by automobile from Nanticoke, Pa., and declared himself ready to put on the gloves. His right hand, which he hurt against Lulu Constantine two weeks ago, is okay again and the cut over his left eye has healed. Today he boxes with Simeon Waithe and Patsy Zoccano.






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