Little Fellows Meet at Fair Grounds Here Monday Night, July 29th

Unless the plans of the local boxing promoters go amiss, the most important contest of the season will be the next one to be decided at Allentown Fair Grounds arena. It will see Billy Speary of Nanticoke meeting Billy Davis of Minersville in the feature bout of eight rounds.

However, the bout will not be staged next Monday night. The Fair Grounds arena will be dark on Monday night. Inability to secure an attraction that met with the approval of the club officials is the reason.

The Speary-Davis match has been in the making ever since Davis knocked out Steve Yuhaas at the Fair Grounds on July 1. It is what's termed a "natural" in boxing parlance.

As amateurs a year ago, Davis and Speary met twice in three round affairs at the Fair Grounds. Those bouts drew sell-out gates. Each won once. Supremacy was never decided in the minds of the followers of the two boys, and could not be over the short distance, as the bouts proved.

Both Davis and Speary turned professional last fall. Tuesday night's victory over Eddie O'Leary in Kingston was Speary 17th straight since turning professional. Davis' victory over Yuhaas here on July 1, was his eighth since turning professional. Neither has suffered a setback.


Officials of the local boxing club attended the bouts in Kingston on Tuesday night, when over 5000 fans were present in the Kingston Armory. They held a conference with Art Thomas, manager of Speary and Joe Ferraro, manager Davis, which lasted until early Wednesday morning. Weight, the hitch that has been holding up the match, was agreed upon with the exception of the hour when the weigh-in shall take place. However, it is definite that Allentown will get the match.






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