"How will Billy Speary farewell against the former featherweight champion, Joey Archibald, when they clash next Tuesday night at the West Side

That is the question this department posed for many of the valleys regular attendants at professional boxing shows to get a cross-section of sentiment on the outcome.

Civic pride motivated many to select Speary as the winner, while others insist the Nanticoke boy definitely outclasses Archibald in every department except infighting.  Archibald's supporters point out experience and a terrific body attack will earn him victory.

Following are viewpoints of those questions on the bout:

Dave Pugh - Archibald is not a soft "touch" but I expect Speary to offset the former champ's body attack with an improved left jab.

Neil Brislin - I'll be routing hard for Speary and hope he'll be the featherweight championed by next April.

James Leonard, Imperial's auto parts salesman - Archibald is undoubtedly superior at infighting that Speary is too classy in every other department.

Dick Powell, Chief County detective - Speary is the best local fighter since the palmy days of Al Dewey and he probably will go further and may win the world's title.

Emmett Brislin - Speary has class but Archibald has championship experience and will win by a decision.

Gus Brown - it's a toss up, but I'll take Speary against any top-notcher.

Joe Bennick - Speary is not only good enough to beat Archibald, but can win decisively over Jeffra or Scalzo.

David Vaughn - Republican County chairman - the old battle cry used to be, "Shawnee Against the World in Plymouth" - I feel that way about Nanticoke and I am loyal to my hometown fighter.

Billy Mitchell - Speary is a nifty featherweight, but I think Archibald is too good for him.

Dr. John Brominski (formerly Battling Gates) - I pick Speary by a decision.

Terry Mitchell, ex-welterweight - Speary's clever, but he can't hit fast or hard enough to beat Archibald.

Dave Winehouse - I only saw Speary fight once, and I think they're taking him along too fast by pitting him against the ex-featherweight champ.

Stanley Lowe - Speary has had more than 200 fights and has just as much experience as Archibald, more cleverness and coming down the home stretch he'll outgame his opponent.

Bill Thomas - Speary is fast and clever, but he can't punch hard enough to hurt Archibald.

Eddie White - I'll wait until ringside and take the odds either way.

Joe Miller, County detective - Speary is fast, young, aggressive and coming strong.  He may win by a knockout.

Attorney Ray Livingston - Archibald will give Speary his hardest test.  If Billy beats this fellow he deserves a shot at the title.

Tommy Curley - I only saw Speary in one fight, and I don't think he has experienced enough for Archibald.

Frankie Cawley - Speary is the best boxer, but Archibald can hit.  In a six round bout, I'd take Speary.  This is ten rounds and I'm afraid he'll blow up.

Pat O'Toole - Archibald is rough, tough and heady.  He figures to win.

Attorney Richard Sheridan - have not been in touch with the boxing game, that Speary's from my hometown and I'm in his corner.

Morgan Bird - Archibald was a great fighter two years ago.  He's gone back, but he's still crafty and cunning.  Even with his advantage in experience, I like Speary, who is very clever and as game as they come.

Frankie Burke - Speary is right at the peak, and he'll have too much cleverness for the ex-champion.

George Stegmaier - I have seen nearly all the top- notch welters and watched Archibald in three fights.  Speary beat Al Brown and Eddie O'leary decisively and he'll win over Archibald.

Attorney Nelson Bryant - It's a tough fight for Speary, but he has everything to lose and nothing to gain, and I'll take him to win.

Dominick Meola - Archibald, unless he's gone back plenty, has enough on the ball to beat Speary.

Ted Klepac, ex-St. Thomas College boxing coach - I'm a Penn State licensed referee and I don't want to get in the middle of predicting a winner.

Attorney Edward McGovern - It should be a great fight.  I have seen Speary in all his bouts here, and he's tops in my book and I think he'll beat Archibald.

Emmett "kid" Wagner - Archibald hits too hard for Speary and will wear the Nanticoke boy down at infighting.





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