Fights Here Go over Until 9th

Speary-Fiantini Meeting Is Now Scheduled for Week Monday

Finally a conference between officials of the Allentown Sporting club and the respective managers of Dominic Fiantini and Billy Speary, and long distance telephone call to the State Athletic Commission office in Philadelphia yesterday, the club announced that to Speary-Fiantini 8-round boxing contest would be staged in the Allentown fair grounds on Monday night, September 9th. The supporting card of two six and three four round bout also remains intact.

Originally scheduled for last Monday night, the bout for postponed until last night because of the weather conditions. When the rain continued yesterday morning and reports forecast several more wet days, the club abandoned plans to stage the bout later in the week.

Decision to postpone the bouts until the ninth, was due in part to Gus Browne, New York manager of Fiantini. He insisted nothing was to be gained by day-to-day postponements and that his man was risking much as a result. In town since Sunday, Browne said: "I want to take Dominic back to New York. He was at home in the Pioneer gym. This is no reflection on your training facilities here, but this is far too important a contents for us to take and any unnecessary chances."

Art Thomas, trainer-manager of Speary, also indicated he preferred the extension to a week from Monday. "Billy is always in shape," he said, "but this worrying from day to day like we have been doing since Monday, is not doing him any good. Make it the ninth and we can go back home and hit our stride until the day of the bout."

The club announced that the same set of tickets issued for last Monday, would be used for the ninth. The advance ticket sale, it was reliably reported, was far above that for any other show held here during the current outdoor season.






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