Fiantini In Training For Go With Speary

Dominic Fiantini is not spending the holiday with his folks in Reading, as he had planned to. Instead he is in New York, training at the Pioneer gym for his eight-round contest with Billy Speary at the Fair Grounds next Monday night, September 9.

When it was decided last Wednesday to postpone the boxing show which had been rained out until the ninth, Dominic was happy--for a minute. "Now I can go to Reading and stay with my folks until after Labor Day," he said to his manager, Gus Browne.

"Get, the car." said Browne, turning to the trainer, "we are going to start right back to New York and you are going along back Dominic."

"You promised me I could go to Reading for the holiday," said Fiantini, plainly disappointed.

"That was before I knew about the postponement," said Browne. "There will be other holidays, but I don't know when you will get another chance to fight Speary and we cannot take any chances. If you go to Reading, you'll break training and we caw not afford to do that now."

In the year that he has been in New York, Fiantini has paid but one visit to his home in Reading. He has been too busy piling up a pugilistic record. His manager is a veteran who has handled hundreds of successful boxers. He has but one system: his own word is law.

"Dominic is the chap who broke the winning streaks," said Browne when he was reminded that Speary remains undefeated in 18 professional bouts, He pointed out that Fiantini himself remains undefeated. "And man for man, he has had tougher opposition than Speary" concluded Browne.





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