Fiantini Here

Dominic Fiantini and his manager, Gus Browne, arrived in town yesterday from New York. The curly-haired little Reading Italian appeared to be in perfect condition and radiated confidence. By nature reticent and not boastful, he grinned from ear to ear and merely said "the best man will win," when asked if he thought he would beat Speary.

While the three times National amateur champion has won eighteen successive contests since he turned professional, close followers of sports rate Fiantini the best man he has yet met and therefore the man with the best chance to stop the Nanticoke boy's winning streak.

"In New York they call Dominic 'the boy who stops the winning streaks.' Whenever some fellow pops up and licks everybody else, they finally match him with Dominic and his splurge is over," said Manager Browne.

Speary and his manager-trainer, Art Thomas will arrive here today in time for the weighing in at two o'clock. The weight agreed upon 126 pounds.





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