Speary gives Fiantini neat 8-round lacing



September 10, 1940

Hammering his opponent almost at will, bobbing his head back with straight left jabs and then crossing jolting rights to the head, Billy Speary, Nanticoke brilliant little fighting machine last night punched out a one sided 8-round decision over Don Fiantini, Reading Italian featherweight now making his home in New York City, in the feature clash of the last outdoor boxing card of the season at the Fair Grounds.

Speary weighed 125, Fiantini 126 3/4.

There were no knock downs, but Speary carried every one of the eight rounds, several of them by the proverbial city block as he outboxed and out punched his opponent from start to finish.  Time and again Speary wood work Fiantini either into a corner or against the ropes, and cut loose with the two-handed attack that seemed to bewilder or the Reading boxer.

Fiantini failed to land a solid blow on Speary for the first four rounds as the elusive coal region boxer either ducked the punches or took Dom's swings on his arms and shoulders.  In the fifth Fiantini did land a hard left hook to the face, and for that was on the receiving end of 8 lightning left jabs in shorter time that it takes to read it.  Fiantini's head popped back on his shoulders every time Speary connected.

In the eighth round Speary cut loose and actually outfought Fiantini at the latter's favorite slugging game, making Dom break ground time and again as he dealt out a licking to head and body.

Speary forced the fighting from the first round to the last, and when he left the ring appeared as fresh is when he entered.

The crowd, the largest of the outdoor season in the Lehigh Valley, saw one of the fightin-est cards of the year.  The wind up, because of Speary's superior boxing ability, was the only one-sided fight of the night.





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