by Ray Bates

Two teams of highly-tentioned battlers - mightiest mittmen from both sides of the Mississippi - will climax the stirring ' 39 Golden Gloves campaign when they clash in 16 sparkling championship tussles in the annual East vs. West classic at Chicago Stadium Wednesday night.  The colorful meeting of the nation's most famous squads marks the end of a grueling three-month grind, with winners unanimously acclaimed undisputed Golden Gloves champions of America.

Hailing from mountainsides, farmlands, coal mines and cotton fields in regions scattered from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Rockies, the huskies represent the cream of an original field of over 33,000 boxers.

Each blasted his way to the top of his class in 62 tourneys staged in as many leading Eastern and Western cities.  They survived pinwheels of punches tossed by scrappers equally as competent in Tournaments of Champions conducted in New York and Chicago, and won the honor of representing either the East or the West in the yearly scramble for fistic supremacy.

The concluding program lists 16 tussles; two each in classes from tiny flyweights to ponderous heavies.  All are point scoring bouts, with the team tallying the most victories winning the event.


Both squads are loaded with masterful boxers and powerhouse punchers.  The invading team, which traveled about 1000 miles, is the underdog.  It will try desperately to score the The East's first victory in Chicago - a feat it failed to accomplish in five proceeding trips.

Individual rivalry is intense.  Many are veterans of a few years experience and are eager to cop those treasured titles and trophies.

One bout the Easterners are expected to win is the Bill Speary -Chester Ellis battle for Bantam honors.  Speary, of Philadelphia, is twice National A.A.U., Eastern and Inter-city winner.  He is considered the flashiest 118-pounder in the ranks.

A brace of Italian-Americans will probably steal the spotlight when Vic Saccoia , Detroit and John Forte, Philadelphia, meet in one of the flyweight melees.  Both are sharpshooters, aggressive and hard punchers.  The first to land his Sunday swat will probably take this one by a knockout.


Shelton Bell, Wilberforce U. student, and Henry Jones, light heavy star of New York, are slated to set 'em up in fine style with plenty of action and thrills.  This one may end abruptly also.

Feathers, lightweights, welters and middles are matched as close as a postage stamp to an envelope, with the home team expected to bring home the bacon with sweeping victories in the heavier divisions.

Members of the Eastern contingent are John Forte, Benny Feuer, Basil Jones, and Felice Corvino, flyweights; Billy Speary, and Forsner, Orlando Montiel, Pete Beaton and Jack Pembridge, bantams; Ray Robinson, Larry Agliaoro, Lou Valentine and Mario Centi, feathers; Ennis Johnson, Art Di Pietro, Willie Smith and John Noce, lightweights;Corky Dulgarian, Sal Barone, Tami Maurielloand John Lyons, welters.

Others are Vince Fratello, Dan Cox, Warren Jones and Dave McGuire, middles; Henry Jones, Tom Adams, Walter Spiroch and Jim Boyle, lightheavies; Buddy Moore, Vince Pellegrini, Henry Moroz andNat Walcoff, heavies.

First named in each class are sure starters, with the best performers between today and Tuesday winning berths on the second string team.


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