Billy Speary Here Monday


National 118-pound Amateur Champion Competes on Local Program

Billy Speary, of Nanticoke, the world's best 118 pound amateur boxer, will compete in the A.A.U. sanctioned boxing show which will be presented at the Allentown Fair Grounds open air arena next Monday night. He is the National amateur champion, in the bantamweight division.

This will be Speary's second appearance locally. He boxed at Mealey's auditorium last winter, also under the auspices of The Little Stick and News Digest A. A. At that time, he held the flyweight title. He was pitted against Horace Hatfield of York, the greatest little boxer in Central Pennsylvania. Speary put on a bout which figuratively blinded Hatfield and dazzled spectators.

When Speary appeared in Allentown, a championship basketball game was being decided on the same evening, and Jim Londos was wresting in the Lyric Theatre. Yet, the banner crowd of the winter season turned out to see Speary. His name is a magnet which packs arenas anywhere in the country where he happens to compete.

After fighting his way through the Golden Gloves tournament in Philadelphia and New York last winter as a flyweight, Speary announced he could no longer make 112 pounds and
retain his strength. He relinquished his national flyweight title and promptly jumped in and cleaned up the bantamweight division in New York and Boston.

Among the boxers already entered for next Monday night, who come within the weight range of Speary, are Paul Jackson, the colored flash and a prime favorite with patrons of the Allentown shows; and Dominick Fiantini, better known to Lehigh Valley fans as Lew Arnold. It is likely that one of these two sterling little simon pures will oppose Speary on Monday night.


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