Boxing fans of the coal region will honor Bill Speary, three times national A.A.U. champion, tomorrow night at Lou Wilski's Forrest Inn Cafe on Alden Mountain. A number of nationally known and local sport writers will attend.

Among those invited for the event are Jimmy Powers of the New York Daily News, Stan Baumgartner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and George Jones of Williamsport, state boxing commissioner.

Frank Chicknosky, chairman of the committee, announced these local persons will be on the program: Judge John J. Aponick, Judge John S. Fine, District Attorney Leon Schwartz and Mayor Stanley Ostroski, Tommy Richardson, president of Eastern League will be toastmaster. Jewell Hanley and Johnny Dole will entertain. Other guests beside Speary and his adviser, Art Thomas, will include Joe Kelly, Mal Lewis, Fred Lewis, Dick Powell, all former boxing mates of Speary in Golden Gloves competition.


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