Harry Jeffra Slight Favorite to whip Billy Speary tonight

Bill Speary            

            Harry Jeffra

After two false starts Jack Allen pilot puts his professional fight enterprise into motion for the first time this year at the Maple Leaf Gardens tonight.  He doesn't commence firing in low gear either for his main go features two of the world's finest featherweights in Harry Jeffra of Baltimore and Billy Speary of Nanticoke, Pa.

Jeffra, though he showing his classic features and rapid technique here for the first time, is no stranger to Toronto's fight filberts.  He has been mentioned in dispatches here for about three years.  He has held during the past four years both the bantam and featherweight crowns.  And is at this time still very much in the hunt for another try at the 126-pound honors.

Speary was an unknown here til the night he decisively whipped the well-like Georgie Pace right before our eyes.  His manner of doing same and his modest, business like and gentlemanly comportment at all times popularized him almost overnight.  Besides his record reads like a who's who of the featherweights.  In the short two years since he reluctantly gave up murdering the amateurs of this continent, Speary has tackled and at least felt his own with the hardest 126-pounders in the game.  His first 10-round fight was against Joey Archibald and the Pennsylvania Welshman was an easy winner.

On that same escutcheon are two bouts with Harry Jeffra.  The scoreboard read one apiece.  Speary copping the first one at Wilkes-Barre, his home grounds, and Jeffra reversing the count in his backyard, Baltimore, last January.

As is the custom among beak bashers the stories from both sides don't jibe on these two bouts.  Speary says he won the first one handily and had enough edge in the second clash to catch the nod anywhere but in Baltimore.  Jeffra claims he was jobbed at Wilkes-Barre and had Speary on the deck three times in the rematch.

Tonight's tangle is therefore the deciding heat and on grounds were neither will get any more than is coming to him.  The night Speary took Pace he showed enough wares to handle Jeffra or anybody else at that weight.





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