To Join Money Fighters

They say that Billy Speary, sensational little Nanticoke boxer will desert the amateur ranks and join the money fighters after his appearance in Allentown next Monday night. If he doesn't change his mind amateur boxing circles will lose one of the most colorful and successful Simon-pures ever to don the mitts. Winning the national A.A.U. championship three times as well as a number of inter-city and inner-sectional bouts speaks for itself. He won the title twice at 112 pounds and once at 118 pounds,the crown he now holds.

Few Opponents

One of the reasons that Speary intends to turn professional is probably because the Olympic Games for 1940 have been called off. It is known that the young Nanticoke boxer was ambitious to be on the American boxing team and chances were quite favorable that his ambitions would be realized. Another reason is that in amateur ranks he experience difficulty in securing bouts with opponents at his own weight and with the exception of tournaments of championship significance was forced to concede anywhere from 5 to 10 and sometimes more pounds to get bouts. There aren't very many little battlers in pro ranks but enough to keep the Nanticoke boy busy and chance to add to his bankroll.


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