Local Youth Drops Palamara In First Round of N.Y. Card

Bill Speary, Nanticoke's "mighty atom" of the amateur boxing ring, is well on the way to his second successive Golden Glove flyweight crown as a result of his stunning one-round knock-out of Tony Palamara, of New York, in the quarterfinals of the Golden Glove tourney, held last night at the Hippodrome, New York City.

Last year, Speary climaxed a long series of elimination bouts in the same tourney by copping the title in the finals, defeating the clever Allie Stoltz, of Patterson, New Jersey, in a fast three round display of boxing and slugging. Stoltz, at present, progressed to the professional ranks it is reported to be in the top back and that division already.

Again Strong Favorite

In winning over Palamara so quickly, Speary is propelled into the strong favor position for this year's title, although there are some mighty good boys left yet from the South, who may extend him in the semi-finals, which will be fought at Madison Square Garden two weeks from now.

The local lad is the only survivor of the Valley's contingent of entries in the tourney, two other labs from Wilkes-Barre, who had won state titles, were eliminated in the night bouts after winning in the afternoon show. Speary will return home today and rest a while before going back into intensive training for the semi-final bouts. Dick Powell, Speary's stable-mate, who lost out in Philadelphia finals in the 135-pound open class, accompanied Bill and trainer Art Thomas to New York, and will continue to be Speary's spar-mate until the next bouts are due.


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