Officials Told to Report to State Commission at Armory Tuesday Night
 Boxers Finish Training

The Speary-O'Leary fistic feud which has Wyoming Valley fans agog with excitement and has carried interest throughout the state, will be witnessed by all three State Commissioners tomorrow night, when George Jones, Leon Rains and Havey Boyle will occupy ringside seats.

Jones who has charge of this territory will arrive here this afternoon to supervise preliminary details and straighten out controversies regarding gloves, weight and other threatened disputes. He will weigh in the fighters.

Due to intense interest, and brisk betting, which is condemned by promoter Al Dewey and the state solons, the officials for the first time since the famous Tunney-Dempsey fight years ago at Philadelphia will keep the name of the referee secret until one hour before the battle. It has been the custom of the ring bosses to assign a referee at least 24 hours before fight but this has been tabooed for tomorrow night's title battle. It is known however, that the referee will be selected from eight officials, who have been notified to report to Mr. Jones at the 109th Armory at 7:30 PM. The officials summoned are Johnny Kelly, Joe Sweeney, and Ted Klepac of Wilkes-Barre; Al Murphy, Jack Walton, and Pete Suskey, of Scranton; Leo Houck, of Penn State college and George Weyman, of Gerardville, Schuylkill County.


O'Leary and Speary have finish training and both are in fine physical condition and have issued pre-battle statements, expressing confidence in winning. O'Leary refuses to divulge his plan of battle, but says, "I'm sure to win." Speary says, "I'll win by kayo inside six rounds."

Due to intense interest, promoter Al Dooley has additional seats installed in the 109th armory today and he said he will be able to accommodate 10,000 fans.

In addition to the featherweight battle, there will be four six round bouts, one of these a heavyweight encounter between Ralph Coslosky, of Pringle and Sergeant Johnny Snyder, of Wilkes-Barre. The other bouts are between Lou Murphy, of Scranton, Patsy Gall, of Freeland; Charley Schnappaif, of Luzerne, Joe Dinofrio, of Hazelton and Mal Lewis, of Nanticoke and Johnny Gall, Freeland.






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