Speary Wins Over Aiello in All-Phila. Bantam Ring Final


Willie Collins Loses Slow Bout To Western Foe

BOSTON, April 6. --- (AP) Fate played a trick here tonight on Philadelphia Inquirer A. A. boxers when two of their team members, Bill Speary, Nanticoke, Pa., and Johnny Aiello, Wilmington, Del. both in the 118-pound class, were forced to look across gloves at each other in a contest for the National A.A.U. bantamweight tittle. Their fighting in the early bouts indicated that they might have to settle the issue between them in the final and this turned out to be true.

Fighting like two strange tigers of the jungles the Quaker youngsters staged a fight that kept the chills running up and down the gathering of 8000 as Speary gradually thrashed his way to a close but, well-earned verdict over his neighbor.


Aiello started out like a two-to-one shot, piling up a commanding lead with left jabs to the face and smashing right-handers to the ribs that appeared to worry Speary. The former flyweight champion settled down to deliver some serious fighting in the second round and by the time it was over had overcome Aiello's lead with something to spare.

Bill kept a rapid-fire attack going to Aiello's body, punches that slowed down the latter badly. In the third round with the gathering cheering their spirited efforts, the little fellows rallied back and forth, each taking turns in fighting until Speary deposited his man on the canvas for a short, count half-way through the round.


Aiello came back to stage a brilliant spurt, but Speary had his hitting range gauged to perfection and continued to spear his man with stinging jabs to the mouth that drew blood. Both were going strong when the bell ended the round while the crowd roared its approval.

It was one of the best fights in tournament and that takes in everything from the opening to closing night and gave Philadelphia a bantamweight champion who will defend his laurels with all the trimmings of a real titleholder.

Speary was the only boxer to win second successive, championships. Speary was last year's ll2-pound national champ.


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