O'Leary Almost Helpless in Seventh and Eight Rounds

"Billy" Speary, Nanticoke Golden Glove champ, weighing 123, last night before 3110 fans who paid $3400 decisively out pointed Eddie O'Leary, 120, Pringle featherweight in the feature 8-round bout at the 109th Westmoor Armory.

O'Leary won two out of eight rounds, the third and forth, while he got an even break in the second.  Speary won all the other rounds by a wide margin and in this 7th and 8th rounds his body punching had O'Leary punch drunk and groggy and on the verge of the knockout.  The decision for Speary was unanimous by referees Leo Houck , of Penn State college, "Mike" Bernstein, local boxing writer and Bill Kehoe, a Williamsport sports editor.

Speary fought a well planned battle.  He resorted to short body punches in the first round and then tested O'Leary at long-range in the next three rounds, finally opening up on the Pringle boy in the fifth round with short and long-range punching that had O'Leary tottering and ready to go down for the count.

O'Leary looked like a master boker in the third and fourth rounds and several times he brought hard right crashes to Speary's jaw, but the Nanticoke boy never wavered and kept coming back for more.  Under the aggressive attack of Speary and his constant body punishment to O'Leary, the Pringle featherweight weakened and it was only his gameness, stamina and courage that kept him on his feet.


In the sixth round, when O'Leary went to his corner he was in bad physical shape, and with his right side suffering from paralysis, his brother Dick, formerly Jackie Britton, said-"better let me throw in the towel".  Eddie, however shook his head "no" and said, "I'll be able to make it and will stick to the finish."  

O'Leary made many friends by his gameness, and Speary proved once more to the fans that he is a great club fighter and destined to go the top rung on the featherweight pugilistic ladder.  Speary, somewhat similar to Billy Conn in boxing style, like the Pittsburgh light-heavy champ appears to lack a knockout punch, and his manager and trainer, Art Thomas, will seek to develop a better wallop for his protégé within the next few months.

The bout, although a grudge affair, was fought cleanly, and Speary hugged O'Leary after the official verdict was announced.  Speary said: "He gave me a tough battle and I am glad I won and I will be ready for another battle within a month."

O'Leary said: "I gave the best I had and have no regrets.  I thought after the third round I would win by a knockout, but I weakened after the fourth am I left side pained and was paralyzed.  I don't think I over-trained and I hope Speary gives me another battle."






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