State Lightweight Champ May Face Davis Providing He Beats Speary

Both Boys to Enter Ring With Unmarred Professional Record

Tommy Spiegal of Uniontown, state lightweight champion, is willing to come to Allentown to defend his title. His manager George Sheppard said so last night over the telephone from his home in Brooklyn.

"I had an offer for Spiegal to box Billy Davis in Allentown," said Sheppard, "and all I asked for was the fair cut of the gate for the champion, but next thing I knew, I saw where Davis was going to fight Speary. I'm coming to Allentown Monday to see the Speary-Davis fight, and I have asked Tommy to meet me there if it all possible."

Sheppard said he was still willing to have Spiegal box Davis here, provided Davis was still a major attraction after the Speary bout. "If Speary should lick Davis," said Sheppard, "I would of course no longer be willing to gamble on the gate."

The fight fans in this region,throughout the Lehigh Valley and the lower anthracite region, are for the moment only interested in Billy Davis and Billy Speary. Latest reports indicate that Speary will enter the ring the a slight favorite, in spite of the fact that Davis will have the weight advantage of from four to six pounds.

The fact that Speary for three successive years retained the national amateur championship, and that he remains undefeated in 17 professional contests, ways heavily in his favor.

Davis never won a national championship. However, he has one thing in common with Speary; he has won every one of his professional bouts. The last one was the five round knockout victory over his fellow townsman, hard socking Steve Yuhaas.






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