West Glovers Lead; Third Title for Speary


By Jack Mahon

Chicago, March 29. --As closely matched as a pair of book ends, the New York and Chicago Golden Gloves teams completed the first seven bouts of their annual amateur fistic warfare with New York leading, 4-3, before near-sellout crowd of about 20,000 at the Stadium last night. Though the Chicago alternates won the flyweight, bantamweight and featherweight titles, all three Eastern champs came through in the same divisions, and Willie Smith, New York, kayoed Roy Lewis to put the East in the lead.

Chicago won the eighth and ninth bouts to lead, 5-4, with seven bouts to go.

In addition to Smith, who won the first 135-pound title, New York victories were scored by Johnny Forte, in the bantamweight class; Bill Speary, in the 118-pound class, and Ray Robinson, in the 126-pound class.

Moon Whips B. Jones

Chicago got off in front when Willie Moon, a student, outfought Basil Jones, the Salem-Crescent Club's battling porter. Moon had a slight edge in the first. He tagged Basil within overhand right to the jaw in the second. Jones hung on for dear life but couldn't do much fighting for the rest of around. Again the third, Willie tagged Basil with a right. It was a clean-cut victory for Moon.

Johnny Forte, flyweight from the Philadelphia Inquirer squad, stole most of the opening cheers. Forte provided the first knockout when he flattened Vic Saccoia, Detroit, in 1.50 of the second. Johnny ripped hard rights to Vic's head in the first, then dropped him for 7 with a left hook to the stomach.

Saccoia was doing all right in the second when Forte slowed up. He tagged John with a hard right -but it was an awful mistake. Forte got mad and sent two hard rights to Vic's chin-dumping him for 9.

Saccoia couldn't find any defense for Johnny's rights and went down again in his own corner. The count had reached four before the referee stopped the contest without finishing the toll.

Pete Beaton, Westchester, lost the first 118 pounds bout to real tough guy, Earl Reid. Reid went to work on Peter in the second, bloodied his mouth with the left hook and pounded his body in close to win it easily. In the third Reid hammered Beaton with both hands to the head to give the West its second win.

A little Iroquois Indian, Chester Ellis, annoyed Philadelphia's Bill Speary plenty with his rushing in the other 118-pound event, but didn't do much real punching and Bill gained his third inner-city title.

Speary outfought Ellis in the first, scoring with straight lefts to the face. Ellis roughed up Bill plenty in the second. Bill couldn't score with his overhand right in this round but did practically all the real punching in the third as Ellis rushed around swinging his arms wildly. It was Bill's round and fight but the crowd booed long and loud when the decision tying the competition at two all was announced.


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