West Whips East before 19,388 Fans in New York Bouts


Sensational Victories by Inquirer Champions Fail to Save Eastern Squad in Inter-City Competition


By Al Ringler

NEW YORK, MARCH 21 the tide of the amateur fistic Empire swept westward tonight as Chicago continued its long reign over the pick of the East in inter-city competition.
The Eastern team, after winning the first four bouts on the program of 16, suffered a sharp reversal of form and lost 9 to 7 as 19,388 persons looked on.
Four Inquirer A. A. Champions, a component part of the Eastern squad, did well, battling .500 for the evening.
Billy Speary and Johnny Aiello carried Philadelphia district colors to victory. Speary, Nanticoke, Pa., flyweight, won as he pleased over Kenny Lottman, highly rated Chicago athlete, and Aiello, Inquirer AA bantamweight kingpin, scored over Frank Kainrath.


Tony Saraullo, featherweight, and Vince Gallotto, welterweights with a losing Philadelphian. Saraullo was shaded by Eddie Dempsey, and Gallotto battled to Marvin Liddell.
Johnny Forte, another Philadelphia flyweight, did not see action, losing his alternate position on the team to Bobby Carroll.
Speary and Bobby Carroll, Trenton, accounted for open and alternate points in the flyweight division to start the Eastern drive.
Speary was much superior to Lottman. The little up- Stater drop the Chicagoan in the first round with a left hook for a nine count and went on to win from that point with a southpaw barrage. He was by far the outstanding fighter on the card.


How They Finished in Golden Gloves


112-pound--William Speary, Philadelphia Inquirer AA, defeated Kenny Lottman, Chicago

118-pound--John Aiello, Philadelphia Inquirer AAA, defeated Frank Kainrath, Chicago

126-pound--Eddie Dempsey, Chicago defeated Tony Saraullo, Philadelphia Inquirer AA

135-pound--Steve Kukol, New York defeated John Benna, Chicago

147-pound--James O'Malley, Chicago defeated Phil Shea, New York

160-pound--William Addison, New York, won from Joe Beena, Chicago

175-pound--Linto Guerrieri, Chicago defeated Gus Alexander, New York

heavyweight--Curtis Sheppard, New York defeated Dan Merritt, New York


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