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LewisBrosweb.jpg (53168 bytes)

Billy (far right), Joe Kelly at the bag.  The other young man is unknown but I assume it is one of the Lewis Brothers.


bagweb.jpg (40871 bytes)

At the bag



unknown.jpg (57899 bytes)


newspaperweb.jpg (50175 bytes)


Both photos show the NY Golden Gloves team visiting what can only be assumed is the NY Daily News.  No date available.
Daily News Photos




1937ic.jpg (60358 bytes)


thuropesweb.jpg (30300 bytes)
Both photos taken during the 1937 Inter-city Golden Gloves - Chicago



trainingweb.jpg (50654 bytes)

In training

trainweb.jpg (43694 bytes)

NY Golden Gloves Team at the train Station.  No Date available



physical.jpg (54589 bytes)

1938 Physical for the NY Golden Gloves

signing.jpg (46255 bytes)

Signing for a match - apparently with a championship belt (in foreground) at stake.  Appears to be with Harry Jeffra.  No date available.



inquirer.jpg (67623 bytes)

Looks as though something in The Inquirer is amusing.  Joe Kelly & Billy Speary in front & Art Thomas standing.

Inquirer Photo

4-12-40testimonial.jpg (69223 bytes)

Presentation of gift at a Testimonial in Billy's honor.  Allentown, Pa 1940


bono.jpg (40563 bytes)

Speary vs Bono

Inquirer Photo

goldberg.jpg (49544 bytes)

Speary vs Goldberg

Inquirer Photo

trophy.jpg (81872 bytes)

Photo shows Billy with a few of his belts, medals & trophies



The following are mostly action shots from various fights.  Many have no date, opponents name or location listed.

Unless otherwise noted,  these are  primarily Inquirer Photos.  Some are unmarked.


uk2.jpg (49521 bytes) 3-23-38DN2.jpg (47001 bytes) ggchampionshipweb.jpg (34938 bytes)
dbaction.jpg (33916 bytes) uk4.jpg (58010 bytes)  uk5.jpg (37069 bytes)
uk1.jpg (36992 bytes) inquirer2.jpg (51369 bytes) uk3.jpg (36650 bytes)

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