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Diamond Belt


"...the youngster who experts claim is the best fighter, pound for pound, in the nation..."


"Scaredy-Cat" Taunt Made Boxer Out Of Bill Speary

By Dora Lurie
Philadelphia Inquirer, 1938

Three years ago his older brother taunted him about being a "scaredy-cat".
That's the reason Bill Speary, 19-year-old West Nanticoke, Pa., youth holds the 112-pound championship after retaining his crown in the Inquirer AA Diamond Belt boxing finale Thursday night at the arena.


Speary-Forte, Champions Head Amateur Reopener

(Wilmington DE) Feb. 1938

 Amateur boxing, forced off the sports program by the Golden gloves tournament in Philadelphia the past two weeks, returns to Wilmington tonight with champions and near champions studding the card of the T. & C. A. A. at the Auditorium. 


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Full Article

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Billy's 1938 A.A.U. registration card


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